Rats, as well as other pets, can get sick and get respiratory infections. However, you can keep them healthy through a few simple steps.

Common Health Problems

Pet rats can get infected airways if their cages are not in a pristine condition. If you think your rats are not in good health, it is best to seek a vet’s advice.

  • Here are some common health problems in rats:
  • difficulty breathing as evidenced by wheezing or snuffling
  • runny nose
  • dramatic weight loss

Causes of respiratory-acquired infections in rats:

Overcrowded cage – Too many rats in a small cage can transmit infection easily and stress them out, which can lower their immune system.

Inadequate ventilation – Rats who do not get enough fresh air are prone to infection. It is important that their cage walls are either made of bars or screen.

Very dusty bedding – Sawdust from wood shavings can irritate their eyes and airways.

Prolonged unclean cage – Prolonged exposure to the ammonia from their urine can infect rats.

Other Health Problems

Red Tears

Rats produce a reddish-brown liquid from their eyes if they’re stressed. These stressors are:

  • Illness
  • Poor ventilation
  • Noisy, crowded, and hot living environment
  • Experiencing Pain

Inadequate exercise and too much food can jeopardize their health.


Rats are prone to tumors, whether they may be benign or malignant. If you noticed your rat having some type of lump on unusual parts of their body, have them checked in a vet clinic.

Prevent your Rats from Getting Bored

Boredom and Loneliness in rats can lead to various health problems. Provide them with many toys and entertainment. You can do the following to ease their boredom:

  • Give them things such as small ladders or a running wheel
  • Add cardboard tubes and boxes to their cages
  • When it’s feeding time, try to make it more fun for them by hiding their food in places around their cage.