There is a common misconception that rats are scruffy and have rough coats. However, there are various types of rat coats, which can be found in domestic rats. Here are some of the common varieties of rat coats:

Normal Type

A normal coat is the usual smooth fur we find among domestic rats. This type consists of fine, straight, and dense hairs. A sparse amount of stiff guard hairs can also be found all over their bodies.

Rex Coat

The big difference the rex coat has from its normal counterpart is the wavy fur. Rats with rex coat have a wavy or curled appearance. The guard hairs are also slightly curled as well as the whiskers. The rex coat type has evenly dense hairs and lacks a great number of guard hairs.

Satin Coat

Rats with a satin coat exhibit a metallic or satiny gloss on their furs. Their coats are high sheen in nature. The sanitization of the coat increases the intensity of the color of the rat. However, a rat with a satin coat may be of any color.

Hairless Coat

This is where a rat has no fur or lacks most of its fur. This type is often confused with a double rex.