Despite having negative stereotypes, rats are actually clean, social, and smart animals. They like human company. Rats generally need companionship and require an hour worth of daily exercise. If they are taken care of properly, they pose no threat of carrying diseases or being aggressive.

Domestic rats have an average lifespan of 2-3 years. They breed and produce a litter of babies very quickly. If you prefer having a small number of rats for pets, then it’s best to keep them in single-sex pairs.

Housing for Rats

Rats are quite active and they need enough space to climb and explore. Therefore, the larger or taller cage you can provide them, the better. A cage with either bars or screen for walls are recommended in order to provide them with good ventilation. Glass aquarium cages are not suited for them.

Keep in mind to have solid flooring and put plenty of bedding on the floor of their cages. Also, do not place their cage in direct sunlight. Provide a nesting box and a litter tray for them as well.


A daily serving of a healthy and good quality rat mix is the ideal diet for your pet. You can add fruits and vegetables that aren’t toxic to them. Remember to provide them with clean drinking water. It can be given in a drinking bottle designed for small pets or in a heavy bowl so as to avoid tipping over.