Our love for Rats gave way to the creation of Fancy Rat Lovers Community. We desire to help them and their owners who are in need of tips to properly care for them. In the beginning, we weren’t always fond of rats. Read the story below in order to find out how we came to love rats.

“On the 31st of May 2013, my daughter brought her friend over, and they stayed in her bedroom. After her friend left, I knew something was up when my daughter was acting suspiciously. She wouldn’t let me in and told me her friend Danielle asked her to babysit something for the weekend.

My daughter then told me it’s a pet rat. Initially, I told her to get it out of my house. She remained firm in taking care of Danielle’s pet rat since she already left for the weekend. Once I calmed down, she opened the door for me to see it. The rat was not inside its cage but on the nightstand. My daughter introduced him as Splinter. He was huge, but he was adorable. I finally let him stay since he was trained to stay near his cage.

She had me pet him a few times, making my fear of rats dissipate. When my daughter left for a friend’s house, I noticed Splinter lying down in the same position for quite some time. I noticed something was wrong, so I got my husband to bring Splinter on the living room and let him lie down on our chest. After an hour, he quietly passed away. When my daughter got home, we still had tears on our eyes. She asked some friends over and we all went to bury him.

Before Danielle came home, I surfed the internet to check if we had done anything wrong in taking care of Splinter. Once she showed up, she told us Splinter has been with her for 1 and a half years. We found out that rats weren’t supposed to have pine shavings as bedding, which was Splinter’s bedding. She has also been feeding him certain foods that weren’t good for him. She told us that the next time she would get a rat, she will prevent giving him those things.

Splinter had been on my mind the whole time, so I asked my family to go to a pet store. There, we bought Chammie and Ratchet as well as the supplies they need.”