Safe and Effective Tips to Control Rodents in Pet Food Storage Areas and Dog Kennels

It can be difficult to control rodents in pet food storage areas, dog kennels, hunting lodges, and boarding amenities. The reason for attracting rodents is fresh dog food delivery. Because it has a lot of nutrients, dog stool also attracts rodents. Although there are regular traps and poisons that can be used to stop the rodents, rats and mice can be attracted as well. As a result, there will be a bigger problem.

For owners, they need to know how to take care of a healthy dog, maintain the cleanliness of a kennel, and be committed to keeping the environment safe for them and their pets.

Ways to Keep Rodents Away

In controlling rodents, people who have dog kennels should consider doing it in an eco-friendly manner. They should opt for a repellent that is registered at the EPA, can be used indoors, and made of botanical ingredients. These owners can fight rodents even in the toughest condition by being familiar with 5 areas where rodents are most vulnerable and understanding how to deal with them.


Experts in pest control and management who inspect a place need to assume that there were deteriorations and changes since the place was last checked. Some of these are gaps in fascia boards, construction defects, and poorly blocked entrances were vents and wires. These problems give access to rodents. Even though expandable foam and caulk were used as fillers, these will not stop rodents since these do not seal. The environment-friendly way of handling this is to stop the rodents from gaining access through the openings.

Meters and Electrical Panels

Other common points of entry of rodents are meters and electrical panel. These are the spots where they can nestle, warm-up, or cool down. They love to chew on wires. Therefore, it is important to check the electrical panels, meters, wiring harnesses, and junction boxes in your kennels and storage areas. You need to give more attention to the transformers or hollow blocks near the electrical panel since rodents like to nestle here.

Drop Ceilings

Because they are undetected, rodents love to stay in dark areas. Therefore, they are likely crawling in drop ceilings where it is difficult for humans to reach. When they are here, it is a challenge to monitor and control them. You can hire a rodent control service to keep these rodents away. This kind of service can also successfully trap and catch rodents in other areas.

Utility Lines

Rodents are good at climbing due to their sharp claws. They love climbing and moving along poles, wires, cables, conduits, ropes, poles, utility and communication lines located underground, and augers. A dog kennel owner can easily deal with this problem if they understand these various building lines. It will also help to strategize how to disturb their scent pathways.

Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are partly capped upright, so they can be the ideal passageway for rodents since the can move freely without getting detected. What can be done is to integrate methods of pest management and doing perimeter trapping.

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