Should you consider small rodents as pets?

When you think of getting a pet make sure to choose a large cage, many pet lovers would automatically think of dogs, cats, fish, or birds. Few people are open to the idea of having small rodents as the right pet for the family. However, over the years, rodents such as rats, chinchilla, or guinea pigs have been proven to be loyal friends and suitable companion to most people.

Since most people think that small rodents aren’t the conventional type of pets, only 3 percent of the population of pet-owning families consider rats, chinchilla, hamsters, or guinea pigs as pets. However, there are still pet lovers who think that small rodents are perfect pets for them due to their intelligence, playfulness, and charm.

Ditch the idea that small rodents are dirty because they are actually among the cleanest pets. If you’re looking forward to pets that can do tricks, they can be trained too. Here are some reasons why you should consider small rodents as pets:

  • Small rodents are intelligent pets. There must be reasons why small rodents such as rats are used for scientific studies. One of the main reasons is that small rodents are observed for their behavior since they possess an increased level of emotional intelligence.
  • Small rodents often groom each other. If you have two or more pet rats, you will often see them cleaned each other. These small creatures don’t like getting messy and dirty; in fact, you can skip bathing them. Also, they like their cages clean and organized.
  • Small rodents are affectionate. Pets have diverse personalities and so are with these kinds of animals. Small rodents love to spend time with their owners. Just like some of the common animals you have, they like to be petted too, or sometimes they like resting on their master’s shoulders. Recognizing their owner’s voice and face is also one of the small rodents’ distinctive characteristics.
  • Small rodents are not noisy pets. This is one of the many reasons they make a great pet. If you are living in apartments, you won’t get into trouble with your neighbors with noisy barking. Aside from infrequent squeaks from them, small rodents are usually calm and silent.
  • Small rodents are low-maintenance pets. Skipping every day walks or baths make these small creatures suitable for you as a pet. Also, they don’t necessarily demand much space in your home or apartment. Being active at night is one of their unique personalities so they often sleep during the day; giving their owners ample time to do daily chores.

Prior to visiting the local pet shop near you and get your small rodent pet, make sure that you know the factors to consider in owning these kinds of furry pets. Whether it is a gerbil, chinchilla, mice, or a hamster, no matter how small they are, small rodents involve additional costs for pet care and health. These small creatures are adorable; you just need to know how to keep them happy and healthy. To start with, visit a local veterinary clinic near you to know more about small rodent pets and how to create a safe and healthy environment for them.

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