A Guide to the Cost of Rat Exterminators

Do you happen to have rats in your home? Sure, some plug in mouse repellercan work if they are few in numbers. However, rats in big numbers may mean that there’s an infestation in your home. In this case, you’ll need to avail of pest management services.

But how much do they cost? In this guide, we’ll share with you the expenses so that you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to shell out should you want to work with a rat exterminator.

Threat Level to Take Note Of

As a general rule, the rat exterminators will charge you based on the gravity of the situation. This is usually categorized into three levels of threats – the low level threats, medium level threats, and the high level threats. We’ll talk about these 3 levels below.

Low Level Threat

First, we have the low level threat. These are the light infestations wherein the rat exterminator can most likely complete the job in just two or three days with just a few traps. For these low level threats, you’ll probably need to pay an estimated $100 to $300 for the whole job. The cost also depends on which exterminator you decide to call. Some charge more than others.

Medium Level Threat

For a more serious threat, you’ll need a rat exterminator that can visit around four times. Medium level threats will require a longer process. The exterminator has to conduct an initial inspection to see just how bad the infestation is. After that, higher level traps need to be set up in order to clear the rats. Once the rats are gone, then the rat exterminators have to seal the rat homes so that the rats won’t come back. All of these will amount to an estimated cost of $300 to $500.

High Level Threat

High level threats are for cases wherein the rats have already caused visible damage on your property. In these threat levels, it is possible to see families of rats in dark areas around the house, specifically basements and attics. These rats will also make their way up to the other areas and chew on objects as well as food.

If the rat exterminator deems your case to be of a high level threat, then they’ll need more than just traps. They’ll also need some rodenticides and other equipment needed to seal key areas where the rats stay. They will also need to return from time to time to finish the job and check on the area. This will easily cost you around $1,000 or even higher.


When it comes to pest management, you need to be prepared to spend money depending on the situation you are in. Upon the initial inspection, the exterminator will tell you he severity of your rodent problem and will create a breakdown of expenses based on that. The cost will usually fall under one of the price ranges we have mentioned depending on the range and the case.

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