Turning an Aquarium into A Mouse Cage

Aquariums can actually be used as a mouse cage. You may opt to upcycle your long-forgotten aquariums at home or purchase a new one at your nearest pet stores. Wondering how you can turn it into one? Worry no more! We’ll teach you how.

How It’s Done

Purchase an Aquarium Tank Sufficiently Big for A Mouse

They would need a lot of ground area. In instances where you are only caring for one, you can purchase a best fish tank filters that’s at the very least roughly 12 in. or 30 cm. in height, 12 in. or 30 cm. in width, and 18 in. or 45 cm. in length. In short, a tank that can hold around 38 L or 10 US Gallon of water.

Shallow and spacious tanks are the most optimal since this gives the mouse a lot of area for running around. This is also beneficial for the air to circulate much better.

However, if you are caring for more than one mouse, you ought to purchase a larger one. Put an additional 0.5 cubic feet of area for every added mouse living inside the cage.

Clean Out Reused Aquariums

In the event that you opt to reuse your aquariums, where other fishes and other mice may have lived in before, make sure to thoroughly clean it before using it. After this, rinse the tank using cool water. Be sure to properly wipe the sides and bottom using a clean piece of cloth.

Utilize a glass scraper when removing hard to reach and difficult deposits left inside the tank. To get the best results, always make the glass part of the tank wet before you start scraping it.

Disinfect The Tank with A Water and Bleach Solution

One of the main problems with fish tank management is cleanliness. After you are done with cleaning the dirt out of the aquarium and wiping it thoroughly, spray on a mix of one part bleach and nine parts water unto every surface of the tank. Allow the mix to sit inside for about 10 until 15 minutes. Once you have done so, rinse it very thoroughly. Even if the tank you are using is new, always disinfect to guarantee its hygiene and safety. Next to the rinsing and cleaning is letting the tank dry.

Remember that when cleaning the tank, you must not use bleach that has a detergent mix to it. This is because detergents almost always leave behind residues that are not safe for the mouse.

Place Some Kind of Secure Lid with Great Ventilation

Perhaps one main concern with regards to using these aquariums as a substitute for mouse cages is the initial thought that utilizing a tank will mean poor ventilation. This is why to make sure that air passage is not compromised, find a lid made out of wires or a tank lid to ensure the ventilation and maintenance of the cool temperature and humidity.

The holes between the wires of the lid must be 1.3 cm. or 1.5 in. or smaller so as to prevent insects and other particles from getting inside the tank as well. The temperature and humidity should also be at 40% to 70% for the mouse’s comfortable living.

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