12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Pet Rat

Rat are not common pets to have as dogs or cats due to the many misconceptions about them. Contrary to the general opinion that pet rats are dirty, without any odor control and carry lots of diseases, they make great pets and are clean, affectionate, easily-trained and sensitive creatures.

Twelve Amazing Facts About Your Pet Rat

The Whiskers and Tummies of Rats Are Sensitive

It is not advisable to rub your pet rat’s tummy. Rats are different from dogs, and tummy- rubbing is only advisable when you’ve gained your rat’s trust completely.

When you stroke its face, follow the direction of the whiskers, stroking backwards, going towards the direction of the ears. Rats do not feel comfortable when their whiskers are pulled forward.

Best Petting Spots Are Head, Ears, Back

Rats enjoy being pet on their head, rubs on their ears, as well as light scratching along the back.

Avoid petting their tail, or the area close to it because it is a sensitive spot.

Rats Have Mood Swings

Your rat can sense your feelings. If you are tense, afraid and anxious, your rat will sense it and reflect your mood.

It is advised that when you spend time with your rat, you radiate good emotions.

Spend time with your pet when you are happy, calm and excited.

 Rats Are Wild

Rats have an inherent wildness in them, and they will continue to be wild, and sometimes even attempt to bite you.

This behavior is reduced by gentle and frequent human interaction. Talk to your pet calmly and gently every day and soon, he will trust you completely.

Rats Grind Their Choppers

Your pet rat will grind its teeth when its happy or stressed. Do not worry about it – this habit keeps its teeth maintained at a good length.

Your Rat May Be Hairless (And That’s Okay)

Not all rats have fur. Some rats are Double-Rex, meaning both parents were Rex rats. These rats are hairless.

It is better to keep them together with rats that have fur so they don’t get cold.

Rats Have Really Bad Eyesight

Rats away gently while they stand in one spot. They do this to detect movement, because they really don’t see very well.

Rats Have Different Looks and Personality Depending On the Gender

Male rats are bigger than female rats. Female rats have softer furs and love to move around a lot, while the male rat will sit quietly and let you pet it more.

 Pine or Cedar Shavings Are Toxic for Rats

Pine and Cedar shavings have phenols, which can harm your rat by causing kidney, liver, and respiratory diseases. Using these shavings as your pet’s bedding is extremely toxic.

Use aspen or paper shavings for your rats instead; they are much safer.

 Rats Love to Socialize

If you want your rat to be truly happy, get another rat to keep it company. You can get two female rats or two male rats, or a group of rats of the same sex.

Baby Rats Love to Play

They play with each other by jumping and wrestling themselves to the ground. They love to aim at each other’s napes and rub it. They usually begin playing at 18-2o days old.

 You Can Adopt a Rat from an Animal Shelter

Rats are frequently brought to the animal shelter, but many people don’t adopt them. If you are looking for a pet rat, start by asking your shelter first.

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