Ways to Catch Rats

Catching rats, in its most literal sense, may not be as easy as one might think. For some reason, they always seem to be around. The problem is they are far from pets; they are pests. They are not like dogs which we can keep under a best invisible dog fences. Despite Stuart Little being cute and all, real rodents are destructive, unhygienic, and extremely poisonous. Did you know that rat discharge can cause death?

Fortunately, many things have been invented to catch these rats and keep people and their homes safe. Below are some of the things you can do if you find yourself and your house having rat problems.

Traps to Use:

Snap Trap

In cartoons and movies that involve mice, you will see snap traps, more commonly known as mousetraps, plenty of times when characters try to catch their rodents. It’s basically the first thing that will come to your mind when you hear about trapping a rat. It’s also pretty simple to use. There will be bait, most often cheese, and while the rat runs to get its prize, that’s when strings will snap, trapping the rat.

The advantage of using this certain trap is that snap traps are relatively cheap and they are really effective. However, they are not advisable if you have children staying with you. The snaps are extremely strong; they’re so strong that they can actually hurt human body parts, children’s little fingers in particular.

Cage Trap

Cage traps work almost the same way snap traps do. Bait is still involved; it’s placed inside the cage. When the rat goes inside to take the bait, snaps would automatically shut the cage down, trapping the rat inside. Cage traps are not as big and strong as dog fences are, but they sure get the job done. The advantage of cage traps over snap traps is that they are more ideal with children in the house. They are also less gruesome to look at. The disadvantage is that it’s not the right trap to use when you do not want to deal with live rats.


Flypapers, contrary to its name, is specifically designed to entrap rats, not flies. These are literal sheets of paper containing extremely sticky glue on its surface. Two things can be used as bait: the first one is your normal bait like cheese and the second one is the trapped rat itself. The moment the rat gets on the paper’s surface, it will be impossible for it to escape. It won’t even be able to really move at all. As for the rat being the bait itself, there are times when other rats come to rescue, especially mother rats, not understanding that they themselves will get trapped, too. It’s a pretty simple yet effective trap. However, using and putting flypapers all over your house can be inconvenient for you, too. There is a high chance that some of you walking around would step on it. Moreover, getting rid of the flypaper can be quite challenging given that its glue works on human skin, too.


These ways can all be inconvenient and quite unhygienic, but they sure are better than letting even one rat loose in your house.

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