How to Choose a Pet Rodent Online

Gone are the days where pet owners are left to choose between a dog and a cat as their pet because that’s what seems to be the norm. Nowadays, there are different pets you can choose from like rabbits, snakes, or even rodents similar to like CertaHosting packages. If you are interested to get your first pet rodent or you want to have another one, read on to find out how you can pick your own online.

Why Choose a Rodent as a Pet?

Rodents are generally quiet and sweet pets. They love to hang out and can easily identify their owners by smell and sight. Also, contrary to what other people believe, rodents are clean and groom themselves on a regular basis.

As an owner, you can train them to use a litter box because they do not like sleeping on soiled bedding. However, even if they seem to be independent pets, they still need their owner’s attention and time because they like being social and would like to be cuddled from time to time.

How Do You Choose?

You have to consider each characteristic that a rodent has and what will potentially suit your lifestyle. Not all of them can be treated the same way as the other, so a little research can help while searching for your own. In particular, some rodents are solitary and are active at night while others, like a guinea pig, are recognized as tame and active during the daytime.

If you finally decided to purchase online, always check the credibility of the website and if it is supported by a web hosting platform that is secure enough to input your payment and private details with. Additionally, keep in mind to check the health of the rodent before taking it.

It is quite challenging to revive a sick rodent back to its normal state, so it is best to buy one in a reputable store where they take really good care of the pets to avoid having problems in the future.

What Are the Popular Rodents?

Once you’ve decided to buy a rodent online, here are the most common types you want to consider:

Guinea Pig

There are different breeds you can choose from, but guinea pigs are often chosen as a family pet as they are easy to tame and not aggressive.


A hamster can get frightened easily, causing it to be in defensive mode. Additionally, biting is very common with this type of rodent. It is best to expose them socially as early as possible so they’ll be able to adjust to new people easily.


Mice are nocturnal, thus it is not ideal for those who don’t have time to take care of them at nighttime where they are most active. Like hamsters, they are great escape artists, but when handled well, they can be affectionate to their owners.


They are amicable and get along well with a small group due to their social nature. Gerbils do bite when provoked, hence they should be handled carefully. Overall, they are good family pets and are active enough to be a companion for older kids.


Unlike other rodents, rats can be easily trained to perform tricks because they are intelligent and easily intrigued by things around them. They are perceived as dirty but they are clean pets who love to groom themselves.

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