Who We Are

Our love for Rats gave way to the creation of Fancy Rat Lovers Community. We desire to help them and their owners who are in need of tips to properly care for them. In the beginning, we weren’t always fond of rats. Read the story below in order to find out how we came to love rats.

Rat Rescue

It is our mission to find forever homes for domestic rats, to rescue them, and give them love and support. Any time of the day, we work to help save these little rats.

Rats are such intelligent and social creatures. They deserve to feel what is like to be loved and cared for. Every time we rescue a pet rat, we help it socialize and learn to trust a human. Some of them had tough histories, either raised to become snake food or just abandoned because the owner didn’t want them anymore.

It’s quite sad to welcome our home to rats who were abused, who bite, and who are scared of humans. However, we are happy that they were able to become a part of our temporary family because they’ll have no reason to be afraid anymore.


Keeping Rats as Pets

Despite having negative stereotypes, rats are actually clean, social, and smart animals. They like human company. Rats generally need companionship and require an hour worth of daily exercise. If they are taken care of properly, they pose no threat of carrying diseases or being aggressive.
Domestic rats have an average lifespan of 2-3 years. They breed and produce a litter of babies very quickly. If you prefer having a small number of rats for pets, then it’s best to keep them in single-sex pairs.
Housing for Rats
Rats are quite active and they need enough space to climb and explore. Therefore, the larger or taller cage you …

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Rat Health (Common health problems in rats)

Rats, as well as other pets, can get sick and get respiratory infections. However, you can keep them healthy through a few simple steps.
Common Health Problems
Pet rats can get infected airways if their cages are not in a pristine condition. If you think your rats are not in good health, it is best to seek a vet’s advice.

Here are some common health problems in rats:
difficulty breathing as evidenced by wheezing or snuffling
runny nose
dramatic weight loss

Causes of respiratory-acquired infections in rats:
Overcrowded cage – Too many rats in a …

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Rat Cage

Commercially available cages are everywhere, whether bought on pet stores or online markets. You can also make your own rat cage. In choosing the right cage for your rat, you must take into consideration how many rats are you going to have.
It is important that each rat gets enough space to explore and climb within a cage. You must have at least 1.5 – 2.5 cubic feet of cage space per rat. There are some cage space calculators online if you don’t like having to calculate it yourself.
Pre-made rat cages come in various types of materials. These are:
Plastic: Although less expensive and easy…

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Protect your Dog from Rats

Protect your Dog from Rats and Fatal Toxins with these Tips

Nothing is more terrifying for dog owners than coming home and seeing your dog lying lifelessly on the floor. According to siberianhuskytraining.net, While many things may have caused such situation to happen, study shows that ingesting rats and fatal toxins are one of the main reasons.
To prevent this from happening, here are some helpful tips to protect your dog from rat poisoning and leptospirosis.

Vaccinate your dog 

It’s highly recommended for dogs to be vaccinated. Vaccination is essential to protect them from leptospirosis. However, some dogs …

Healthy Diet for Rats

Rats require:
A healthy and balanced diet that meets any nutritional need they have
Most commercial pellets are packed with nutrients and roughage to keep your rats full and healthy. However, avoid overfeeding them. An obese rat is prone to health problems.
Rats may get fed up with the same type of food. Offer them with treats and occasional variations such as fruits and vegetables. Rats are omnivores, it’s fine to feed them either plant-based or meat products as long as they’re not toxic to them. Cooked eggs and seeds can also be part of their daily rations.
Clean and fresh drinking water

The Behavior of Rats

Rats are very social and highly intelligent animals. They are also quite active. To be able to take care of your rats in the most optimum way, you should know what they need. These are the following:
Sleeping without disturbance. Rats can be stressed if they have a noisy sleeping environment. Avoid placing their cage in a location where there is a lot of noises and activity during the daytime. Also, do the usual handling routine at night. Whether it be feeding, cleaning the cage, or interaction.
Places for exploration in their cage. Rats are active animals, and they require an hour worth of daily exercise. Keep their home cage …

Companionship for Rats

Rats require:
Rats are social animals. They can easily get lonely if they live alone. Rats are nocturnal, and they are most active during the night. Even if pet rats have human companionship, they’ll be alone once humans sleep. Rats need the companionship of other rats.
If they have been left alone for a long period of time, abnormal behaviors may arise.
If two unfamiliar adult rats are introduced and placed in the same cage, aggression may arise. Once they establish a dominance hierarchy, the levels of aggression may drop. Take note that fighting between rats who live in the same cage…